AGM & more

Our AGM was well attended on 16 July 2018. Daiva gave a President’s Report followed by reports from other members of the committee and the voting in of a new committee. Daiva will be President for one more year and is supported by some returning and some new committee members.

Quilting Cartoon18


Sue Findlay showing us her needle felted up-cycled jumper


Sue Findlay’s bowl after Carol Ogden’s workshop


Sue Findlay’s mat after Carol Ogden’s workshop


Michelle Fokes’s bowl after Carol Ogden’s workshop


Sandy Guaci’s Yellow Heart Quilt top – another UFO off the pile


Sandy Guaci’s embroidered quilt – another UFO off the pile


Helen Hennessy with her “It’s all about the spots” framed fassets quilt


Elin Baker’s Birds and Butterflys


Elin Baker’s Birds and Butterflys (reverse side)


Elin Baker’s Navy and White


Elin Baker’s Tessellated Windmills


Elin Baker’s Tessellated Windmills (reverse side)


Kerren Ogg’s charity quilt


Kerren Ogg’s charity quilt (reverse side)


Kerren Ogg’s folded origami quilt


Kerren Ogg’s folded origami quilt (detail)


Gillian modelling the Bog Coat that we will be making in October with Lyn Hewitt



July 2018 Show & Tell

Please remember to come to the AGM on 16 July 2018 
Quilting 001
Sandra Doyle’s Cows Diamond Dots
Quilting 002

Sandra Doyle’s Peacock Diamond Dots

Quilting 003

Ann Oirbans Rose Quilt (it is lovely cosy flannel)

Quilting 005

Jenny Walker’s Pastel Squares

Quilting 007

Tracey Coomer’s Sheep

Quilting 008

Lyle Mead’s Rocking Horse quilt

Quilting 009

Lyle Mead’s Dinosaurs quilt now complete

Quilting 011

Daiva Ceicys’s BOM Quilt


Quilting 014

Daiva Ceicys’s Summer Rain quilt

Quilting 015

Daiva Ceicys showing the back of her quilt

Quilting 017

Daiva Ceicys Hugs & Kisses top, showing the appliqued border

And we have the results from Carol Ogden’s workshop in June, which was a lot of fun :
Quilting 018
Narelle Davis’s Blue Bowl; Karen Foster’s Floor Mat; Lyn Edward’s Red Bowl.
Quilting 019
Lyn Edward’s Pastel & brown bowls and black & white mat. Irene Berry’s Blue bowl. Karen Foster’s Bone bowl (with dog toys) Daiva Ceicys’s Floor Mats.

June 2018 Show & Tell

Yes it is June already!

We had a good turn-out at this months meeting where we were reminded that our AGM is on July 16th – same time, same place. If you would like to nominate for a position on the committee please fill in a Nomination form (just change where it says 2015 to 2018 and initial it) and either email it to the secretary or take it to the next meeting.

These first few quilts are from the week before the meeting.

mayJune 001

Ann Durnan created another confetti quilt picture – this is Mill Bay Boardwalk

mayJune 002

Ann Durnan’s Owl handstitched over discharged drawing. Discharge is removing colour from dyed fabric in this case with bleach.


Joan Flynn’s hand quilted Snake quilt


mayJune 013

Helen Heritage – Charity quilt

mayJune 014

Narelle Davis Mother Duck and her four ducklings

mayJune 018

Kathy Rose – ‘Plates’ All beautifully embroidered


Charity quilts

mayJune 017

mayJune 016

mayJune 020

One of the quilts donated by Ann as a charity quilt. Sandy also provided 2 backgrounds for the Butterfly quilts.


mayJune 024This is a sample of needle felting by Heather. Heather and Irene will lead a free needle felting workshop in July.

mayJune 025


Below are some of the items you can make at Carol’s Rope Mats workshop on 18 June



May 2018 Show & Tell

My apologies for the poor quality photos (still getting used to my new phone)


Quilting eftag 009
Dinosaur Quilt by Lyle Mead
Quilting eftag 012

Baby Quilt by Lois Morante

Quilting eftag 010

Dress by Carol Ogden

Quilting eftag 011

2 bags by Linda White from Carol’s workshop (apologies for the photo quality)

Quilting eftag 013

Charity quilt


Joan Flynn’s completed confetti picture and the photo on which it was based

Quilting eftag 008

Margaret Downie’s completed confetti picture and the photo on which it was based

Quilting eftag 007

Ann Durnan’s completed confetti picture

Confetti Quilts with Lynn Hewitt

Now it is our turn…

confetti quilt 003

Robyn’s interpretation of our coastline

confetti quilt 031

Robyn’s bay scene almost there -mind the pins!

confetti quilt 002

Irene’s interpretation of a canal in Falkirk, Scotland

confetti quilt 019

Irene placing the reeds in the forground

confetti quilt 027

Irene’s Falkirk canal scene almost finished

confetti quilt 009

Joan’s trees at sunset taking shape

confetti quilt 004

Ann’s interpretation of a desert scene with boab tree

confetti quilt 036

Ann’s boab tree looking good!

confetti quilt 010

Michelle’s hut in the bush – moving on to the next step

confetti quilt 030

Michelle’s hut in the forest scene almost finished

confetti quilt 008

Martha’s forest scene is taking shape

confetti quilt 029

Martha’s rain forest scene almost finished

confetti quilt 007

Marg’s scene is coming together

confetti quilt 028

Marg’s one tree hill scene almost finished

confetti quilt 005

Sandra’s interpretation of a beautiful sunset

confetti quilt 035

All nearly finished!

And we had a break to try on the bog jacket that Lynn may teach in October…

April Show & Tell


Hexagon quilt by Kath Roberts


Fabric Manipulation by Sheila Kelly


Jenny Walker’s Nursery Animals/Monsters


and the back of Jenny’s quilt


Le Jardin by Bronwyn Sams


and the back of Bronwyn’s quilt


Cats by Carol and will be finished by Sandra

Quilting Cartoon19

from Quips from a Country Quilter by Mary O Roberts